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Nov 19, 2020

Kathryn speaks with Molly J. Bowen and Julie Goldsmith Reiser of Cohen Milstein about their representation of Alphabet shareholders in a case over the company’s handing of sexual harassment claims that led to a $310 million settlement that’s been hailed as precedent-setting.


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Sep 25, 2020

Kathryn interviews Arent Fox partner Eva J. Pulliam about the firm's newly launched Center For Racial Equality. They chat about the creation of the Center and what motivated the firm to do so, the firm's role in racial equality, the goals of the Center, and which projects she is initially focused on.



Sep 11, 2020

Kathryn interviews Kalpana Kotagal, partner at Cohen Milstein and co-author of the Hollywood “Inclusion Rider” (made famous by Frances McDormand during her 2018 Oscars acceptance speech). They talk about strategies for diversity in the workplace and race and gender discrimination.


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Aug 3, 2020

Kathryn Rubino talks with Jessica S. Henry, author of “SMOKE BUT NO FIRE: Convicting the Innocent of Crimes that Never Happened”, about the prevalence of no-crime convictions, some of the worst examples of no-crime convictions, how racial injustice exacerbates the issue, and finally what can be done, particularly...

Jul 20, 2020

Kathryn talks with Thomasina Real Bird, Angelique EagleWoman, Paulene Abeyta, Christina McDonogh, and Aidan Graybill about the exclusion of Native voices in The Center for Women in Law and The NALP Foundation's study, “Women of Color – A Study of Law Student Experiences”. They discuss the NALP study, then walk...