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Oct 18, 2019

Kate Reder Sheikh is a Managing Director at Major, Lindsey & Africa. She covers San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Her focus is on providing a concierge level of service to associates and clients alike. Leveraging her background as a litigator in San Francisco, Kate has unparalleled access to roles and firms in the Northern California market. Kate is an avid traveler—she and her husband have been to 27 countries together since 2011. A San Francisco native, Kate spent three years as an expat in Singapore and London before returning to the Bay Area in 2017. Stay tuned and enjoy! 


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Episode Highlights

  • Kate's expertise and background - 1:16
  • Moving to Singapore - 2:11
  • Being a legal recruiter - 3:10
  • Transitioning to another job while pregnant - 5:16
  • Difference between what is on paper and what you communicate - 6:35
  • HR needs to take some issues seriously - 9:50
  • Coaching people - 10:52
  • Be firm and do not show weakness - 11:22
  • Encouraging her clients - 12:45
  • An issue that happens in big law - 14:07
  • Kate's thoughts and challenges - 18:48
  • Are women a default? - 20:00
  • There's an issue with the word “unlimited” - 21:02
  • Parent Programs - 24:56
  • An issue that is not a women's issue - 25:39


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