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Sep 25, 2020

Kathryn interviews Arent Fox partner Eva J. Pulliam about the firm's newly launched Center For Racial Equality. They chat about the creation of the Center and what motivated the firm to do so, the firm's role in racial equality, the goals of the Center, and which projects she is initially focused on.


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Episode Highlights

  • The firm’s motivation about launching a Center for Racial Equality - 0:39
  • The firm’s work - 4:14
  • Top priorities of rights - 5:30
  • Partnering with organizations - 6:00
  • Hours for strategic planning - 9:08
  • It feels good to be able to do something - 10:30
  • The goal is to start something - 14:27
  • Developing a culture - 15:34
  • Programs that firms had initiated - 17:55
  • Biglaw’s role today - 21:14


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