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Dec 16, 2022

In this episode, Kathryn welcomes Ishan Bhabha, co-chair of Jenner and Block's Education Practice and a member of its Appellate and Supreme Court Practice, to talk about the well-publicized affirmative action cases at the oral arguments at the Supreme Court. He discusses his experiences representing the Ivy League and other schools, as well as the importance of diversity in education and the stakes of the cases. Ishan also recalls how he found appellate law to be more interesting and exciting, as it combines logic and reasoning with the ability to do the right thing. For Ishan, the biggest appeal of appellate law is its diversity - he never knows what his clients will need help with next.

Who’s The Guest?
Ishan Bhabha is one of the nation’s preeminent lawyers for institutions of higher education and technology companies. He has been recognized by both Bloomberg Law and the National Law Journal as one of the 40 best lawyers under 40 in the United States.

Ishan is the co-chair of Jenner and Block's Education Practice and a member of its Appellate and Supreme Court Practice. He represents institutions, senior executives, and boards of directors on high-stakes matters of legal, regulatory, and ethical risk. He has argued in the U.S. Supreme Court and numerous U.S. Courts of Appeals.

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    Episode Highlights
  • Ishan Bhabha on why he decided to go to law school
  • The evolution of his career
  • Three things that make law school exciting
  • The allure of appellate practice
  • How to foster diversity in education
  • Impact of big cases on lawyers
  • The stakes of big cases on clients
  • What are the impacts of the Supreme Court’s decision on college admissions?
  • Alternatives to explicit race consideration in admissions
  • Effects of Supreme Court cases on legal processes
  • Different stakes of commercial and social litigation
  • Defending diversity initiatives
  • What the D&I task force is
  • Highlights of Ishan’s work as a technology lawyer

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