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Sep 20, 2019

Lisa Kirby is the Chief Intelligence & Knowledge Sharing Officer at Diversity Lab. Lisa brings 20 years of experience in the legal profession: served as a practicing attorney, talent management professionals, and law firm consultant. Lisa began her career as a litigator, practicing at two large law firms. At Diversity Lab, among many other duties, Lisa has led the creation and implementation of the needle-moving Mansfield Rule, now in its second certification year. She is a sought-after speaker who has been featured as a keynote speaker, presenter, and panelist on a variety of topics related to diversity & inclusion in the legal profession. Lisa is also a prolific author, having contributed articles on innovative ideas in diversity and professional development to publications like The American Lawyer, Law Practice, and Professional Development Quarterly.


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Episode Highlights

  • What is Diversity Lab - 1:32
  • Diversity and Inclusion in the legal profession - 1:44
  • Working with law firm partners - 3:19
  • Diversity Lab's crew - 10:06
  • Doing research - 10:20
  • Their goal - 15:10
  • Having a resource library - 15:31
  • Some common misconceptions - 16:40
  • Considering people - 17:47
  • Future for the industry - 20:02
  • Be as inclusive as possible - 20:40
  • Lawyers with disabilities and inclusive practices - 21:33
  • New considerations about the legal industry - 23:49
  • Diversity of law schools - 24:56


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