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Jan 5, 2024

Kathryn interviewed Dylan Penningroth to discuss the intersections of Black history, law, and the civil rights movement. Penningroth, author of "Before the Movement: the Hidden History of Black Civil Rights", stresses the importance of viewing the Black community as a diverse group with various perspectives, and using the law as both an instrument of oppression and of change. He speaks on his research challenges and the impacts of corporate law on Black history.



  • The hidden history of Black Civil Rights
  • The significance of contextual understanding of civil rights that goes beyond racial discrimination
  • The importance of taking a focused approach to understand the Civil Rights movement
  • Marriage, divorce, and inheritance in the lives of Black people
  • The reasons why stories involving Black people sometimes get "lost"
  • Black people using law as a tool in their daily lives
  • The tension between law as both a source of oppression and a tool for liberation
  • Ponders whether the law a strategy is worth pursuing for Black people
  • Shows mixed opinions about the law as a tool of oppression and also a tool of liberation

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