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Apr 16, 2020

Kathryn Rubino talks with Kelly Rittenberry Culhane and James Meadows, two of the founding partners of Culhane Meadows, about what it was like to start their firm in 2013. They also discuss why their firm cares so much about diversity and what can be done to make the profession more diverse. They also chat about the firm's growth plans, which continue despite the economic downturn created by the global pandemic.

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Episode Highlights

  • Today’s guests - 1:20
  • Opening a new firm - 2:04
  • COVID_19 and legal firms - 5:59
  • The strategic vision of the firm - 6:44
  • Diversity and inclusion are key - 8:20
  • Why diversity is so important for their firm - 11:20
  • Being able to support an online work - 18:14
  • Figuring out how to work from home - 20:08
  • Expanding their firm - 21:50
  • The practice of law - 25:30
  • The goal for everyone to succeed - 28:49
  • Their number 1 piece of advice for attorneys - 29:10


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