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Jun 11, 2021

MiAngel Cody and Kathryn chat about her passion for criminal defense work and the problems with the three-strikes law. They talk about the role of social media and Kim Kardashian in justice work, about how the #90DaysOfFreedom Campaign got started, and why The Decarceration Collective is so important. MiAngel has been labeled a "Legal Legend" a "Changemaker" and a "Powerhouse Litigator" and it turns out she's great at giving advice to lawyers who are getting started in their careers and want to work on reform issues. They chat about the successes she's had in this work and also the setbacks. MiAngel also describes how she balances the work with her personal life and recharges so she's able to take on the next fight.

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    Episode Highlights
  • Why she decided to go to law school - 1:15
  • Deciding to change her major - 2:58
  • Working for a Federal Judge - 3:46
  • Getting into the mind of judges - 6:14
  • She loves telling stories - 7:48
  • Some systemic injustices - 11:51
  • Making the process better - 13:00
  • 90 Days of Freedom campaign - 14:57
  • The power of social media - 17:07
  • What justice means - 19:10
  • Treat every case as new - 21:30
  • Being a traveler and loving live music - 24:19
  • The lowest low she had experienced - 26:17
  • What she can say to younger lawyers - 28:01

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