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Aug 20, 2021

Kathryn spoke with Mark Hsu about his experiences as a lawyer, author, and father. They also discussed how Mark drew a line and a balance between legal practice and parenthood. Additionally, they talked about some of the challenges that Mark faced while starting as a lawyer up to creating different lessons for his book that he can pass down to his children.

Episode Resources

  • Please Open in the Event of My Death
  • Please Open in the Event of My Death Audio Book

    Episode Highlights
  • Why did Mark decide to go to law school? - 1:00
  • Starting from rejections: The start of Mark’s career. - 4:54
  • What is the initial impulse to start writing down his advice to his children? - 8:20
  • Balancing parenthood and legal practice. - 10:35
  • We don’t want work to completely consume our lives. - 11:11
  • How it all started: What is Mark’s process when writing his book? - 11:52
  • What are the most important lessons that he created to pass down to his kids? - 16:30
  • There are several obstacles you can’t overcome simply by the force of will. But if you don’t try, you’re losing half of the battle there. - 18:05
  • Using pop culture references in his book makes it more relatable to the readers. - 22:13
  • To be a positive person, you need to look at the bright side of life, you need to look at positive things. - 26:37

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