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Jun 4, 2018

Author Kathryne M. Young shares insights about the new book ‘How To Be Sort Of Happy In Law School’. Host, Kathryn Rubino and Kathryne Young talk about how to make law school more bearable or even create a win. If you’re in law school or thinking about taking up law school check out Kathryne’s book.


The Jabot podcast focuses on women and underrepresented groups in the legal profession.


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Episode Highlights

  • How the imposter syndrome plays out in law school.
  • Why law school presents a different set of challenges for diverse populations.
  • Why there’s constant uncertainty in law school.
  • The hazing of law school and trial by fire.
  • Is big law the default safe option?
  • Why law school and sociology became a good fit for Kathryne.


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