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Jul 16, 2021

Kathryn interviewed Lauren Drake where they discussed, among other things, how her career evolved to her position at Macrae. They talked about how the "Female Law Firm Leaders Roundtable" got started and how the pandemic shaped that launch. They also discussed how FLFL benefits its members and issues tackled by the roundtable over the last year. Additionally, they dive into how women leaders can leverage the hot lateral market to benefit their careers.

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    Episode Highlights
  • Wanting to learn more about the business side - 2:21
  • A candidate and the right recruiter - 6:13
  • The recruiting space - 8:06
  • A different strategy - 9:38
  • A difficult year that we just survived - 15:53
  • Planning the topics in advance - 18:27
  • Business development in a virtual world - 19:57
  • A different legal market - 20:43
  • Taking control of your career - 22:38

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