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Feb 10, 2023

In this episode, Kathryn welcomes Laura Bianchi, Co-Founder of Bianchi & Brandt and a leading entrepreneur, attorney, and strategic advisor for the cannabis industry. Laura emphasizes the importance of finding areas of law that you enjoy, as it is a huge part of your life and will determine how much you get out of your career. As a lawyer who specializes in transactions and corporate work, she describes how she was determined from the beginning of her career to get the experience and work she wanted which led to her building her own law firm with her partner. Laura believes that having a good partner is essential for success, as it is a learning process and it helps to have someone to go through the process with.

Who’s The Guest?
Laura Bianchi is an award-winning lawyer and entrepreneur and is one of the country’s foremost experts in cannabis law, compliance, and operations. She started her work in the discipline with the 2010 passage of Arizona’s medical marijuana law and was one of the first business/corporate transaction attorneys to specialize in the nascent legal cannabis market. She has represented clients in more than $200 million in transactions in the industry.

Laura has been featured in O Magazine, Forbes, Bloomberg, Marijuana Business Daily, Dope Magazine, Denver Post, Arizona Republic, AZ Big Media, and numerous other industry and traditional media sources. She was also featured in Authority Magazine's "Women Leaders of the Cannabis Industry" and named "Top 100 Attorneys in Arizona" by AZ BIG Media in 2020 and 2022.

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    Episode Highlights
  • What made Laura go to law school?
  • Lawyer expectations and career evolution
  • Deciding a practice focus in law
  • What her journey was when starting a law firm
  • Building a team and letting go of what does not work
  • Exploring the challenges and rewards of corporate law
  • The evolving industry of cannabis industry
  • Creative solutions for the hiring challenges of the cannabis industry
  • Real estate law challenges
  • Dealing with war stories from the industry
  • How she negotiates on behalf of clients
  • Respectful practice of MMA
  • Advice to lawyers and individuals who want to establish a successful law practice
  • Balancing roles and working harder as a woman in the legal profession
  • Establishing boundaries and finding humor in professional settings


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