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Dec 6, 2019

Dana Rosenfeld is a Managing Partner at Kelley Drye Advertising Law. She is a member of the firm’s Executive Committee and past chair of the firm’s Privacy and Information Security practice. In the area of privacy and data security, Dana assists clients in complying with state and federal privacy and information security laws, as well as advice on best practices and self-regulatory programs.  Furthermore, Dana advises major consumer financial services companies and service providers in connection with FTC and CFPB investigations involving marketing and billing practices, debt collection and data security. Enjoy this episode!

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Episode Highlights

  • Wanting to work as a lawyer - 2:33
  • Being specialized in the area since College - 2:47
  • Representing companies under investigation - 3:21
  • Figuring out how to change law firms - 5:22
  • Why she decided to come to Kelley Drye - 5:48
  • Feeling comfortable working at Kelley Drye - 6:03
  • Using technology tools to assist better the clients - 8:20
  • Why transparency is so important - 9:08
  • How she decided to manage and be the leader of the firm - 10:31
  • Having great mentors in her career - 14:04
  • Two main things the firm is focusing on - 17:11
  • The client service innovation community - 20:23
  • The value of diversity in a Firm - 21:01
  • The role of women in the firm - 23:07
  • Having a lot of training programs for diversity - 25:52
  • The first step is focusing on being an excellent lawyer - 27:02

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