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Mar 26, 2019

Amy Impellizzeri is here today to talk about her journey transitioning from a corporate job in Big Law to becoming a novelist. Stay tuned to hear how it all started as a sabbatical year, how she found her first publishing contract and her recommendations for those who want to take the leap out of Big Law as well!

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Episode Highlights

  • How Amy ended up going to law school - 1:50
  • Why did she decide to leave the law - 3:20
  • How a sabbatical year became an exploratory exercise for Amy - 5:00
  • She started to get ideas for a book - 6:00
  • Four years later Amy got her first publishing contract - 6:30
  • How the practice of law is different from what she expected a a child - 7:00
  • A law degree can be very versatile - 9:00
  • Amy’s advice for other litigators wanting to publish a novel - 9:30
  • It isn’t a 1-2-3 steps process - 10:00
  • Litigators are a good fit for this road because of their perseverance - 11:20
  • There are hundreds of amazing manuscripts that don’t make the cut - 12:00
  • How this era of “self-publication” has changed the journey - 13:00
  • How  Amy keeps up with her writing - 15:10
  • They discuss why Amy’s fourth book focuses so much on abused women - 17:20
  • Amy’s thoughts on the legal clerk scandal - 20:00
  • The social media app in her book and the recent college scandal - 22:10
  • The story behind her non-fictional novel: Lawyer Interrupted - 23:12
  • Her advice for people who are wanting to leave Big Law but are too afraid to do so - 26:20


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