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Dec 10, 2021

Kathryn speaks with Yvonne Cort, partner at Capell, Barnett, Matalon & Schoenfeld, about how her law school career goals matched up with her actual career. Yvonne discusses how she settled on her practice area and the process of making a lateral move during a pandemic. She also speaks about the benefits of small firms, and what it's like being the only woman partner at her firm. Yvonne also shares her advice for folks just starting their legal career.

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    Episode Highlights
  • Why did Yvonne Cort decide to go to law school? - 1:10
  • The twists and turns: What’s her experience like diving into the world of law from where she thought she’d be to where she is today? - 2:46
  • What tax lawyers do: What attracted her to it. - 5:09
  • Demonstrating the range of activities that a tax controversy attorney does. - 6:30
  • Balancing the role: Handling people who are facing adversaries - 10:09
  • Benefits of working in a smaller firm. - 11:48
  • What working as the only female in the firm feels like. - 13:12
  • The highs and lows of Yvonne’s career and how she learned from them. - 15:40
  • How can other people make a legal career work for them? - 20:49
  • What she knows about her job makes her think “This is the job.” - 22:53

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