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Jan 26, 2024

Kathryn Introduces guests Douglas Letter and Shira Feldman from Brady United, an organization focused on reducing gun violence. They discuss their driving factors for practicing law, touch on their work, and explore specific gun laws, including the case of United States vs Rahimi, relevant to domestic violence prevention. Shira outlines the current state of gun laws post-Bruin decision while Doug shares optimism about the Supreme Court's potential future pro-safety rulings.


  • Doug and Shira’s work at Brady, which involves legal advocacy and representation for gun violence victims
  • The optimistic outlook after the oral arguments in the "US vs Rahimi" case
  • State regulations on assault weapons and high capacity magazines
  • The role states play in regulating gun laws and the optimism that these measures will be upheld by the Supreme Court in the future
  • The significance and value of their work at Brady
  • Their initiatives outside of litigation, particularly working with Hollywood, to increase awareness and bring about a cultural shift on gun safety.
  • Shira and Doug’s work at the broader organization of Brady and their important incremental changes.

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