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Apr 30, 2020

Kathryn Rubino interviews Eliza Stoker, Executive Director of MLA’s In-House Counsel Recruiting group, about Major Lindsey & Africa's new In-House Compensation Survey which reveals a gender pay gap. We discuss what folks need to understand about the in-house space that may contribute to the pay gap, what can/should be done to fix the pay gap, and what does gender equity looks like in the in-house space.


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Episode Highlights

  • Today’s guest! - 1:14
  • The survey and why she did it - 2:05
  • The results of the survey about the gender pay gap - 3:41
  • Looking at compensations - 5:03
  • More men in leadership roles - 6:55
  • The level of disparity - 7:44
  • The in-house legal practice - 10:02
  • We can narrow the pay gap - 11:59
  • The results of the survey and negotiations - 13:23
  • Tips to move in-house - 13:35
  • What can we do to help the gender pay gap - 21:12
  • Are women leading teams? - 24:25
  • Diversity efforts - 26:08


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