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Jul 9, 2021

Kathryn interviewed Shailini George about her experiences as a legal writing professor and the process of writing The Law Students' Guide to Doing Well and Being Well. They also discuss how distraction addiction became an interest for her. Their conversation includes Shailini's thoughts on how law students should use wellness practices to improve their law school experience, as well as some tips for law students to get into the studying zone.

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  • Shailini George,

    Episode Highlights
  • Having an A-HA moment - 2:49
  • Her legal experience and her desire to teach - 3:06
  • So many demands that lawyers face - 4:50
  • When she decided to publish this book - 5:45
  • Finding focus and being able to be productive - 7:02
  • Sometimes the words come easily, sometimes they don’t - 8:47
  • What distraction-addiction means - 10:03
  • Talking about multitasking - 15:22
  • Creating a mental space for you to be able to work - 20:43


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