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Jul 30, 2021

Stacey speaks with Stacey Breen about the twists and turns of her career that led her to her role at MLA, and the motivation behind their recent Return to Office Survey. They discussed the most surprising results of the survey, including generational differences in pandemic experiences. Additionally, they spoke of some of the challenges women faced during COVID and what the industry can do to fix them as we return to the office.

Episode Resources

  • Why she decided to go to law school - 1:19
  • Taking control of your career when you know that you’re not happy - 4:15
  • The return to office survey - 7:27
  • Working on a tech-focused firm - 14:48
  • The challenges that women faced during COVID - 15:28
  • The back to the office element - 20:06
  • Interviewing remotely - 21:15


Episode Highlights

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