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Aug 30, 2018


Joe Patrice and Kathryn Rubino talk about the Urban Meyer investigation and how Ohio State and Mary Jo White whitewashed the violence done to women.


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Aug 16, 2018

Meaghan McDermott saw a safe space for people in a Maryland community library. From following that intuition she shares her experience with Kathryn Rubino about helping people solve their legal and justice problems.


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Aug 9, 2018

Khiara Bridges, author and law professor at Boston University School of Law talks with Kathryn Rubino about the social justices often overlooked by the majority. They go in-depth about the privacy rights of the poor and minorities.


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Aug 3, 2018

Federal Bar Associate president-elect Maria Vathis talks with Kathryn Rubino about her goals and special projects while acting as President of FBA. Maria also shares strategies for younger associates to create balance between work and life.

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