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Jun 18, 2020

Kathryn talks with Tai-Heng Cheng, global co-head of the international arbitration and trade practice at Sidley, about his recent pro bono efforts. He represents journalist Linda Tirado, who was struck in the eye with a rubber bullet while covering the protests following the murder of George Floyd, in her lawsuit against the city of Minneapolis.


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Episode Highlights

  • Why focus on pro bono - 1:28
  • The George Floyd demonstrations - 3:02
  • Being in an inflection point in our society - 3:43
  • Lawyers must step up now - 4:44
  • Getting involved in pro bono cases - 5:47
  • The first pro bono case he did - 8:04
  • A recent pro bono case - 10:50
  • The horrific killing of George Floyd - 12:09
  • A very diverse group - 12:51
  • Journalism and the George Floyd demonstration - 18:08
  • The expression of free speech - 21:33


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