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Dec 30, 2021

In this episode, Kathryn speaks with entrepreneur Gabriela Isturiz about the ups and downs of working in the legal tech space. They discuss what led to the founding of Gabriela's Fund XX, and why it is so important to harness the power of women investors and entrepreneurs. Gabriela also shares the advice she has for folks getting involved in the legal tech space.

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    Episode Highlights
  • The twists and turns of Gabriela Isturiz’s career. - 1:14
  • Some of the challenges she faced while being in a male-dominant field. - 3:41
  • How the transition went and what skills are needed to make that transition. - 5:58
  • Dealing with lawyers having difficulties handling technology. - 7:57
  • Pitching attorneys to transition them to the new technology. - 10:54
  • The founding of The Fund and the goals behind it. - 12:27
  • The goal of be able to harvest and harness all of the folks that are traditionally left out in the sector of the economy. - 16:09
  • How much diversity is needed to get into the space? - 17:18
  • Advice to women who want to get involved in the space, but are apprehensive to take the jump. - 19:32
  • Reflection: The moment when she said “This is the leadership I’m meant to be doing!” - 21:01

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