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Jun 18, 2021

Kathryn talks with Maria Melendez about why she Ieft the practice of law to become Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Sidley. They chat about the unique challenges in this role and how she leverages her past experience. They discuss setting goals and benchmarks in the D&I space, the kinds of programs that pay the biggest dividends in the D&I world, and how a firm encourages attorneys to participate in D&I efforts, particularly during a pandemic when attorneys are already stretched thin.

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    Episode Highlights
  • Wanting to earn some money - 3:59
  • The demands of a big law career - 4:58
  • Being a big law attorney - 6:32
  • Her current role at Sidley - 6:51
  • Advancing diversity in the legal profession - 7:34
  • Her goals and benchmarks to achieve - 9:39
  • The lack of inclusion - 13:47
  • We need to have more inclusion - 14:30
  • The diversity and inclusion department - 15:47
  • The culture of the firm - 18:21
  • It’s so important to learn and listen - 20:05
  • Let’s learn from each other more - 21:40

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