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Aug 6, 2021

Kathryn spoke with Nancy Leong about why she went to law school, and the career twists and turns that resulted in her winding up where she is. They also discussed how she came up with the term “identity capitalist”, and the personal anecdotes included in her book. They also spoke about hidden in-group agendas and strategies she recommends for those in out-groups.

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    Episode Highlights
  • Why she went to law school - 1:30
  • Her legal path - 2:27
  • Moving to the Academia - 4:04
  • Explaining some concepts of her book - 7:01
  • Law and identity - 13:41
  • Employment discrimination - 15:04
  • Identity capitalism - 17:05
  • The story from which Nancy initiated the book - 22:59
  • What matters is what you do in the dark - 28:31
  • The notion of diversity - 28:31
  • Diversity is not the end goal - 30:05


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