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Jul 20, 2020

Kathryn talks with Thomasina Real Bird, Angelique EagleWoman, Paulene Abeyta, Christina McDonogh, and Aidan Graybill about the exclusion of Native voices in The Center for Women in Law and The NALP Foundation's study, “Women of Color – A Study of Law Student Experiences”. They discuss the NALP study, then walk through the 4 identified issues with the survey. They also talk about the NALP response to the criticisms and why that isn't a sufficient response. Finally, they discuss the unique issues facing Native American law students and what work is needed to address them.


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Episode Highlights

  • The guests for today’s episode - 0:46
  • A Women of Color study - 2:30
  • Native voices - 5:05
  • Exclusion of Native Americans from the study - 5:53
  • Concerns with the study - 6:47
  • Their feelings about the study - 12:25
  • Having a wrong reaction - 13:40
  • Law school students - 16:28
  • Increasing diversity in the legal profession - 17:51
  • Trying to increase visibility - 21:02
  • Working and being inclusive - 24:00


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